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Wedding budget tips for you

There's a good chance that you're fantasizing about something extravagant for your wedding. However, all that style comes at a hefty price.

You're in luck since we've put up this comprehensive list of wedding budget-friendly advice to help you avoid making compromises on your big day. Let's convert your wedding priorities list into a wedding savings list!

Turn your wedding priorities checklist into a budget saving checklist using our tips


Tips for saving on your attire & accessories (Wedding Dress, Suit, etc.)

Paying in full

Ask your wedding dress and suit provider if they offer any discounts for paying the full price of your attire upfront.

Shopping wedding dress sample sales.

Shopping the sample sales at your neighborhood bridal salons is one option to get a wedding dress for less cost. By purchasing a wedding shop's sample gown, you can save up to half on a lightly used designer gown.

Rent your attire

Another option to saving money you may want to consider is renting your wedding attire.

Shopping early

Shop your wedding gown in as early as possible to avoid rush fees and save on last-minute alteration fees.

Things to consider:


Tips for saving on bakery (Wedding Cake, Desserts)

Skip the expensive cake

Think about making or renting a showcase cake instead of buying one and serving portions to your guests. You'll save money by purchasing a sheet cake because it won't cost as much to make and will taste just as good.

Things to consider:


Tips for saving on food service, catering, and bar service

Consider a local restaurant instead of a caterer.

These restaurants often come with less expensive fees, making them a great option for a more casual and affordable celebration. Who doesn’t love barbecue or tacos?

Saving on alcohol costs.

If you're only able to afford a limited amount of alcohol, wine and beer are both fine. Guests will be happy to have options to drink, so don't worry if you can't afford expensive liquor and spirits. Perhaps you could add a signature cocktail or two to the bar offerings.

Save on Kid’s meals.

Ask your caterer if there are any discounts available for children's meals if you intend to have children at your wedding. Often, caterers may provide a different menu with less costly à la carte pricing or decrease the cost in half.

Things to consider:


Tips for saving on location / wedding venue

Marry during the off-season

Scheduling your wedding during the off-season (which is from November through April), when venues and hotels typically lower their prices, could help you significantly reduce your costs.

Book during the weekdays

Most venues offer lower prices for booking your wedding on a weekend. Another plus is that most weddings tend to have fewer guests on weekdays, reducing your costs in several ways.

Benefit from the holidays.

If you get married over the holidays, you might benefit from beautiful churches and venues that are already decked out in flowers, lights, and festive sparkle, lowering your out-of-pocket décor expenses.

Use the same venue for your ceremony and reception.

A simple way to save money on transportation and decorations is to hold your reception in the same location as your wedding.

The Fountain South services for weddings and receptions

Choose a naturally beautiful location

If you want to save money on decorations for your wedding, choose a wedding venue that doesn't require a lot of them. Outdoor locations with beautiful views are great for weddings because they let the natural beauty of the environment do the work for you.

Pick a smaller wedding venue

When you have a smaller wedding, the guests are fewer and the cost of things like flowers and catering is cheaper per person. This will also make the costs for decorating the venue smaller.

Things to consider


Tips for saving on event rentals

Rent a venue that include equipment.

Some places will include part of your equipment (most often chairs and tables) in their fee for using the venue. If you can book with a place that does this, it can often be cheaper than if you rent the equipment separately, especially if you expect a lot of people to attend your event.

Things to consider


Tips for saving on flowers and decorations

Purchase in large quantities.

You might be able to save money by purchasing in bulk if you don't want to skimp on alcohol or if you want to indulge in a lavish candy bar. Usually, larger purchases of sweets, alcohol, or craft supplies qualify for discounts.

Get flowers that are in season.

When you buy flowers, the ones that are in season are usually cheaper than the ones that are not in season. However, some flowers, such as roses, tulips, and calla lilies, are in season all year long. You can create your own flowers using supplies like tape and ribbons, which are much cheaper than buying flowers from a store.

Use inexpensive fillers

Even while certain flower varieties are less expensive than others, they are nonetheless quite attractive. Baby's breath and greenery are inexpensive filler flowers that may be used to great effect.

Use candles

Adding candles will increase the romantic ambiance while saving money on flowers. Mix towering candelabras, short glasses, and tea lights to create depth. Don’t forget to check with the venue owners if this is allowable.

Things to consider


Tips for saving on gifts and favors

Choose decors that you can give out as a favor

Using decorations that can double as a favor to your guests are quite a trend right now. Save money by doubling up the uses of your decorations.

Candle holders, lamps, lanterns, and scented candles can be used to set the mood during the reception and given out as gifts.

Decorative flowers, vases, artificial flowers, and pots are good as table centerpieces and outdoor wedding decorations. Your guests can also make use of them as home and office decorations.

Customized coasters, mats, art shot glasses, and goblets can be used to serve your drinks or decorate your bar.

Things to consider


Tips on saving money with your Invitations

DIY your wedding invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is a fantastic and simple way to save money. You may simply print your own invites at home or at a cheap online printer because paper is so cheap.

When printing on paper, use flat printing to save money.

Selecting flat or digital printing when ordering wedding invitations from a stationery provider is one approach to save costs. Compared to offset, letterpress, and thermography printing techniques, it is far less expensive.

Make use of wedding websites

Utilize your wedding website to the fullest! You may leverage the amazing capabilities of several platforms to do away with superfluous printed materials from your wedding invites. Instead of using printed RSVP cards, ask your guests to respond online and inform them of vital information.

You can also use your wedding website to share information with your suppliers and planners to save time on communicating

Love the look of letterpress for your wedding invitation suite, but not the price? Splurge on it for the main invitation but choose less-expensive flat printing for insert cards and you could save as much as $500 per 100 invitations.

When it comes to your wedding invitation suite, you can save as much as $800 by having a single insert directing guests to your wedding website instead of multiple cards for your other events—like the rehearsal dinner, welcome party or day-after brunch—as well as logistics, like transportation and details about the hotel room block you've set up for your guests.

Cut your printing fees

Don’t forget to order printed items such as programs, invitations, and dinner menus at the same time. Your printing costs will be reduced by doubling up and taking care of everything at once.

Things to consider


Photography & Video

Saving on photography and videography services

Finding a photographer that provides a la carte options is a terrific way to cut costs. Simply hire a photographer for a certain amount of coverage rather than spending a lot of money on a bundle of things or sessions you don't need or desire.

Book your photographer for fewer hours

Booking your photographer for fewer hours can help reduce the cost of photography packages.

Book a second photographer

Booking a second photographer to help with only the getting-ready photos, certain venue details, and the ceremony may save you several hundred bucks and have those done much earlier in the day.

Things to consider



Skip the limo rental

Not renting a limo to deliver you and your partner home at the end of the wedding day is expensive. You could ask a family member or friend to drive you.

Things to consider:


Other Services

Consider wedding packages

Wedding packages can help save you a lot of money for different services you may need or even get certain services for free when you avail a certain wedding package.

Some common services which are included in wedding packages are planners, coordinators, hair and make-up, entertainment, and rehearsal dinners.

Services as a wedding gift

Call in some wedding favors and look into your network of relatives and friends. Use the resources you have in your network to save money, whether it's having a friend design your wedding invites or having your aunt bake your wedding cupcakes. You may save money on your wedding by recruiting talented friends and family instead of professional suppliers.

Things to consider


Other tips

Consider having a destination wedding

Hosting a small-scale destination wedding is one method to save money. If you decide to have an interstate wedding, fewer of your guests will likely come and you may essentially prolong your honeymoon. Win-win!

Recycle items from former brides

Take advantage of online stores which offer great discounts on lightly used items that are still in fantastic condition. From candles and table numbers to chair sashes and bridal outfits, everything is available.

Set your budget beforehand

Knowing your budget will help you stay within your spending limits and get the best price for the items you purchase. A quick search on online shops can help you get a gauge for costs and how much you need for each item.

Buy at the end of wedding season

When the wedding season is coming to an end, this is the time when boutiques are trying to clear space for the next season, and people also often want to get rid of some of the things they bought for their wedding. Whether you're looking for a dress, or just some supplies, this is the time to get big discounts on many items.

Do what feels right for YOU.

When it comes to your wedding, it is important to listen to what feels right to you. Don’t let other people’s opinions or obligations get in the way of what you want. Follow your own instincts and have a wedding that is exactly what you want it to be.

Watch out for hidden fees and extra costs

Many couples fail to account for unforeseen expenses that cause them to go over their budget. Corkage fees, cake cutting fees, transportation costs, gratuities, and more may be charged. Then there are those small additional expenses that you don't consider, like ribbons for your favors or postage for your RSVP cards for the wedding. If you're not cautious, all of these extras might add up to a sizable additional price, so plan your budget carefully.


You now have learned all the latest trends that can save you money for your big day. Remember, all you need to get married is you, your partner, a license, and an officiant. Everything else is simply bonus! Of course, you may organize a wedding in the city hall and forego the extra planning and preparation. However, these suggestions will undoubtedly help you save money if you want to host a celebration that includes your loved ones.

The meaning and intention you put into the celebration, not the quantity you spend, is what makes a wedding wonderful.


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