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Wedding budget tips for you

There's a good chance that you're fantasizing about something extravagant for your wedding. However, all that style comes at a hefty price.

You're in luck since we've put up this comprehensive list of wedding budget-friendly advice to help you avoid making compromises on your big day. Let's convert your wedding priorities list into a wedding savings list!

Turn your wedding priorities checklist into a budget saving checklist using our tips


Tips for saving on your attire & accessories (Wedding Dress, Suit, etc.)

Paying in full

Ask your wedding dress and suit provider if they offer any discounts for paying the full price of your attire upfront.

Shopping wedding dress sample sales.

Shopping the sample sales at your neighborhood bridal salons is one option to get a wedding dress for less cost. By purchasing a wedding shop's sample gown, you can save up to half on a lightly used designer gown.

Rent your attire

Another option to saving money you may want to consider is renting your wedding attire.

Shopping early

Shop your wedding gown in as early as possible to avoid rush fees and save on last-minute alteration fees.

Things to consider: